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Doing a little catch-up: Afghanistan 2009
Bikerpelli 2008
Moab MTB Vacation 2007
RAGBRAI ... TransRockies
Jorge's (and Leo and Mervin's) Birthday BBQ
South Africa
Lavinator 2006!
Rural Health Centers, Afghanistan
Italy/Switzerland 2005
Ski Season Begins

Top 20 Photos of 2010-2011

    12/28/2011 - Thanks to that little thing called grad school and an aging DSLR that requires much more post-processing than I'd like, it's been a sparse couple of years for serious (as opposed to rote, documentary) photography. I posted a couple-thousand images in 2010 and 2011, many of which can be attributed to Fabfi trips abroad that tend to make for rather mundane photo taking, but there were a few gems to be found. As 2011 draws to a close, I thought I'd compile them into a single album for your amusement. Check them out HERE. Enjoy!

On this page you will find a portal to nearly every photo I have taken since August 2002. (So don't be surprised if you find a lot of garbage). On the left sidebar you can find galleries that have been recently updated and past news items. Below, is a tool to search through the archive to find what you want to see. Everything is organized into categories that should be pretty self-explanatory. Note that some pictures may appear in multiple places. To see every photo once and only once (by the date taken), stick to the 'Date Folders' category. To view a more select group of photos or to find a certain subject, look for 'Compilations', 'People', 'Organizations' or 'Special Events'. If you like sorting through piles of unsorted albums, select the default 'All...' option (not recommended). NEW: You can now also search photo captions and return individual photo results by checking the "Also search photo captions..." box (someday all the searching will be integrated and streamlined with laser-focused granualrity. Sadly, that day is not today...). Enjoy!

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