9/10/2006 RAGBRAI ... TransRockies

      It's been a month in coming, but the photos from my 3-week cycling adventure are finally finished. In summary, I biked about 900mi with over 50k feet of climbing. The first week was on the road at RAGBRAI - Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. What is RAGBRAI all about? Pie. Also pork chops, ice cream, breakfast burritos, margheritras, and beer. A day in the life: Bike 20mi. Eat Pie. Bike 20mi, drink beer. Bike 10mi, eat pork chop. Bike 10mi, have ice cream. Overall good fun, though Thad couldn't come out to join me... Week 2 was spent with Amy covering all the good spots to ride between Boulder, CO and Fernie, BC. We hit Fruita, CO; Moab, UT; and Salt Lake City, UT. In Fruita we did a short ride along the canyon carved by the Colorado river. We did the Slickrock Trail in Moab, and a ski area I don't remember the name uf in Salt Lake. Overall the riding out west was incredible, and very different than here. Distances are longer, hills are bigger and trails are much less technical. Terrain had the propensity to change around every corner however, going from clay to red dirt to solid rock. Altitude was found to be no problem. Rim brakes however, were a different story. Week 3 was the TransRockies challenge. I've heard it called "the hardest mountain bike race in the world", and although I think that might be a slight exaggeration, it was pretty freakin' hard. Some highlights included 17km climbs in the granny gear, controlled slides down 30degree sandy slopes, riding along a 150 foot cliff on blue clay in the rain, and topping out at over 42mph on a gravel road downhill. Anyone want to ride it next year? I do. find all the photos here.