1/4/2006 Italy/Switzerland 2005

      At (not so) long last I was able to get away on vacation again. This trip's destination included Zermatt, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Cervinia, Italy; and Rome, Italy as the major destinations. The Swiss and Northern Italy legs of the journey were mainly dedicated to skiing, while the Rome leg was devoted entirely to eating and sightseeing (I think the sightseeeing outpaced the eating as I lost 3lbs on the trip). Short Summary: While the sightseeing weather was very good, the snow conditions in ski country were medioccre at best. According to the locals, this was one of the worst early seasons they had seen in years. Nonetheless, the scenery was great and the company even better. Rome was amazing for its ruins and its coffee, and would have been out of this world had I been out to shop till I dropped. The city's major negative quality is the thousands of scooters flitting around creating noise and air pollution (not to mention parking everywhere except the bed you sleep in at night). Smog was pretty thick the whole time I was there, and there were a significant number of people who wore surgical masks or handkerchiefs over their nose and mouth when they walked around outside. Anyway, be sure to see it all here. All the pics are up! Check 'em out!!.