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    12/28/2011 - Here's a little sampling of my latest adventures:

Fabfi: An open-source wifi-mesh broadband project that has brought me to four continents; to the tops of terrifyingly unstable structures; and inexplicably, not yet to an emergency room. The project has been growing since late 2008.

I've deployed versions of the fabfi system in Afghanistan, Kenya, India, Peru and the US. Permanent networks in Kenya and Afghanistan have spawned locally-owned small businesses. The Kenyan network is also a pilot network for the JoinAfrica internet access project I work on with Paul English.

MIT: Grad student stipends go much farther in the developing world, though this was just one of the reasons I spent months of my graduate career in Africa learning about broadband expansion.

My Masters' thesis, "Extending Broadband past the Urban Fringe with Wireless Mesh: A strategic analysis with policy implications for Kenya’s Universal Access Fund" explored an opportunity for individuals (like my friend Peter, at right) and small communities to build businesses through expanding broadband coverage at a local level. A touch over 30,000 words later...

FabFolk, Inc.: Disruptive ideas need forward-thinking benefactors. Fabfolk, Inc. is a 501c3 organization supporting local innovation through open-source technology and digital fabrication. In the past few months, I've been helping the infamous Amy Sun to grow Fabfolk.

Photography: I mostly shoot photos for fun, but every once in a while they make national news. The image at right was on the front page of the Sunday NYT this spring. A number of my other images have also appeared in national and international publications.

Lately there hasn't been much time for shooting, but my archive of nearly 7000 images (good and bad!) should keep you occupied until I have a chance to make more.

Bikes, Bikes, BIKES: Riding, racing, wrenching, someday frame building, occasionally blogging; everyone needs a hobby, right?

MTB Enduance racing has long-been my favorite of the two-wheeled passtimes. I raced the TransRockies Challenge (7day) in 2006-2008 and BC Bike Race in 2009. Cyclocross is fun, in its own way, as well. I've also been a professional mechanic and instructor.

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